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1 x Pink Grey Isfahan
1 x Small pizza check- Navy
1 x Red Satin (Polyester)
1 x Small pizza check- Bottle green
1 x Blue Red Isfahan
1 x Grey sequince taffeta
1 x Large pizza check- Black
1 x Large pizza check- Navy
1 x Black ostrich skin leather
1 x Blue Red Chevron
1 x Large pizza check- Bottle green
1 x Small pizza check- Lime
1 x Small pizza check- Yellow
1 x Pink Grey Chevron
1 x Brown snake skin leather
1 x Small pizza check- Black
1 x Plain yellow Satin (Polyester)
1 x Blue Green Chevron
1 x Pink Furry Friends
1 x White Satin (Polyester)
1 x Grey Furry Friends
1 x Cream embroided taffeta
1 x Blue Grey Rabbits
1 x Plastic tabling- Fruits and cups
1 x Pink Grey Rabbits
1 x Plastic tabling- Kitchen accessories
1 x Cerise pink Satin (Polyester)
1 x Grey White Baby Elepants
1 x Plastic tabling- Fruits multi
1 x Blue White Baby Elepants
1 x Silver grey Satin (Polyester)
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Courier Rates

Please see our courier charges below- should you want to use your own courier, this needs to be mentioned in your order.

Courier charges will be added to your purchase and paid for in advance before goods are dispatched.

Listed below: Our counter to counter rates- your parcel will be sent to a post office in your area. This is a flat rate and applies to anywhere within South Africa


Should you want  your order to be sent via overnight courier, special arrangements need to be made with us. You can contact us or specify this in your order- Please note that the courier charges for door to door and overnight services are more expensive.


Weight Price Delivery Delivery time
1KG R 40 Counter 3-7 days
1-2KG R 46 Counter 3-7 days
2-3KG R 52 Counter 3-7 days
3-4KG R 58 Counter 3-7 days
4-5KG R 64 Counter 3-7 days
5-6KG R 70 Counter 3-7 days
6-7KG R 76 Counter 3-7 days
7-8KG R 82 Counter 3-7 days
8-9KG R 88 Counter 3-7 days
9-10KG R 94 Counter 3-7 days
10-11KG R 100 Counter 3-7 days
11-12KG R 106 Counter 3-7 days
12-13KG R 112 Counter 3-7 days
13-14KG R 118 Counter 3-7 days
14-15KG R 124 Counter 3-7 days
15-16KG R 130 Counter 3-7 days
16-17KG R 136 Counter 3-7 days
17-18KG R 142 Counter 3-7 days
18-19KG R 148 Counter 3-7 days
19-20KG R 154 Counter 3-7 days
20-21KG R 160 Counter 3-7 days
21-22KG R 166 Counter 3-7 days
22-23KG R 172 Counter 3-7 days
23-24KG R 178 Counter 3-7 days
24-25KG R 184 Counter 3-7 days

if you have any quiries regarding our courier rates, please contact us at enquiries@wastecentre.co.za

Polycotton lining- Cream/280cmPolycotton lining- Cream/280cm

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2. Hessian- Compressed- natural
3. Hessian- Compressed- Cream
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