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1 x Pink Grey Isfahan
1 x Small pizza check- Navy
1 x Red Satin (Polyester)
1 x Small pizza check- Bottle green
1 x Blue Red Isfahan
1 x Grey sequince taffeta
1 x Large pizza check- Black
1 x Large pizza check- Navy
1 x Black ostrich skin leather
1 x Blue Red Chevron
1 x Large pizza check- Bottle green
1 x Small pizza check- Lime
1 x Small pizza check- Yellow
1 x Pink Grey Chevron
1 x Brown snake skin leather
1 x Small pizza check- Black
1 x Plain yellow Satin (Polyester)
1 x Blue Green Chevron
1 x Pink Furry Friends
1 x White Satin (Polyester)
1 x Grey Furry Friends
1 x Cream embroided taffeta
1 x Blue Grey Rabbits
1 x Plastic tabling- Fruits and cups
1 x Pink Grey Rabbits
1 x Plastic tabling- Kitchen accessories
1 x Cerise pink Satin (Polyester)
1 x Grey White Baby Elepants
1 x Plastic tabling- Fruits multi
1 x Blue White Baby Elepants
1 x Silver grey Satin (Polyester)
1 x Royal blue Satin (Polyester)
1 x Bottle green Satin (Polyester)
1 x Black Satin (Polyester)
1 x Black sequince taffeta
1 x Green Pillow Power
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Returns & Refunds

Returns and Refunds

The nature of our business: We retail in fabrics of different textures, weights and grades. We will notify you (the customer), should the product you are purchasing be of a  sub- standard (second) grade, which could include the following factors:

1. Dye lot variences

2. Inferior quality

3. Joins  

Our refund policy is subject to the Consumer Act as of March 2011. Within reason, a refund will given under the following conditions:

1. Should the product  be flawed without notification

2. If the product supplied is different to what was ordered

3. Should incorrect quantities be supplied


Please note that due to the nature of our business, the following conditions apply:

1. The fabric will not be accepted back if the quantity supplied does not correspond with the quantity returned. A refund will only be granted when there is reasonable cause- We have to keep ' re-sale' into consideration.

2. If the product chosen by you, is correct and without any flaws, our "once it is cut, it's yours" policy applies.

3. If for any reason the product has been altered/cut by you the customer, this will not be accepted back.

4. Should the product that you send back to us for a refund, not be in the same condition as when you purchased it. or if the parcel returned be of a different weight than than the weight initialy supplied to you.

Please note that in order for a refund to be granted, we would have to receive the goods back from you (the customer) as discisions like these cannot be made telephonically. Once we have received the goods, this will be inspected and an answer should be given to you shortly. 

For any quiries regarding this policy, contact us at enquiries@wastecentre.co.za


Polycotton lining- Cream/280cmPolycotton lining- Cream/280cm

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