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1 x Yellow (Mustard) felt col no.771
1 x Blue (Royal) felt col no.755
1 x Pink (Cerise) felt col no. A7
1 x Beige (Dark) felt col no.2782
1 x Yellow (Bright) felt col no.770
1 x Purple (Dark) felt col no. A34
1 x Blue (Light) felt col no.2712
1 x Blue (Turquoise) felt col no.2703
1 x Pink (Light) felt col no.2719
1 x Brown (Light) felt col no.780
1 x Brown (Dark) felt col no.784
1 x Animal fur- Col.40
1 x Grey fur
1 x Animal fur- Col.46
1 x Grey fur
1 x Animal fur- Col.48
1 x Grey fur
1 x Grey fur
1 x Green fur
1 x Yellow fur
1 x Animal fur- Col.27
1 x Animal fur- Col.42
1 x Animal fur- Col.44
1 x Animal fur- Col.23
1 x Brown fur
1 x Animal fur- Col.19
1 x Animal fur- Col.05
1 x Royal blue pongee lining
1 x Turquoise blue pongee lining
1 x White pongee lining
1 x Cerise pink pongee lining
1 x Bottle green pongee lining
1 x Light gold pongee lining
1 x Lilac pongee lining
1 x Red pongee lining
1 x Grey pongee lining
1 x Yellow pongee lining
1 x Grass green pongee lining
1 x Navy blue pongee lining
1 x Purple pongee lining
1 x Pink pongee lining
1 x Grey Furry Friends
1 x Green Pillow Power
1 x Pink Furry Friends
1 x Grey White Baby Elepants
1 x Pink Grey Rabbits
1 x Blue Grey Rabbits
1 x Blue Red Isfahan
1 x Blue White Baby Elepants
1 x Blue Green Chevron
1 x Pink Grey Isfahan
1 x Grey Pillow Power
1 x Pink Grey Chevron
1 x Orange organza
1 x Bottle green organza
1 x Lilac organza
1 x Gold organza
1 x Red organza
1 x Lime organza
1 x Turqoise organza
1 x Pink organza
1 x Royal organza
1 x Burgandy organza
1 x Black organza
1 x Cream vinyl
1 x Royal vinyl
1 x Red vinyl
1 x Burgandy vinyl
1 x Bottle green vinyl
1 x Light brown vinyl
1 x Grey vinyl
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Fabrics for all uses

These fabrics are ideal for arts &crafts, curtaining, cushion covers, duvet covers and just about anything else you can think of! With a variety of designs and colors they are very versatile due to the types of base cloth used.
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 Ticking stripe Red  Ticking stripe Red
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 Tommy stripe: Little boy  Tommy stripe: Little boy
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 Tommy stripe: Nautical  Tommy stripe: Nautical
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 Union Jack- Blue  Union Jack- Blue
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 Vespa- Airforce  Vespa- Airforce
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 Vespa- Italiano  Vespa- Italiano
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 Vespa- Linen  Vespa- Linen
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 Vintage keys- Charcoal  Vintage keys- Charcoal
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 Vintage keys- Navy  Vintage keys- Navy
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 Vintage keys- Red  Vintage keys- Red
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Displaying 91 to 100 (of 100)
Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  Show All 
Woven block out lining- Cream/280cmWoven block out lining- Cream/280cm

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