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1 x Blue (royal) with flowers
1 x Beige with white background
1 x Blue (powder) kiddies print sea life
1 x Beige with flowers
1 x Blue (royal) kiddies print bees
1 x Blue (royal) kiddies print clowns
1 x Blue (royal) with medium polka dots
1 x Blue with horses
1 x Blue (turqoise) with tulips
1 x Blue (turqoise) with medium polka dots
1 x Black with print
1 x Blue striped upholstery
1 x Laurenz stripe- Col.04
1 x Gold check upholstery- Malbalio col.07
1 x Lepanto col.04
1 x Black/beige striped upholstery
1 x Beige circles- upholstery
1 x Pasley 02 139
1 x Grey modern upholstery- Portofino col.530
1 x Bahar
1 x Laurenz stripe- Col 8
1 x Laurenz stripe- Col 5
1 x Laurenz stripe- Col.01
1 x Laurenz damask- Col. 8
1 x Lepanto col.03
1 x Laurenz stripe- Col.09
1 x Lepanto col.02
1 x Laurenz stripe- Col 7
1 x Banquet Jacquard- Zaria
1 x Silver printed upholstery
1 x Silver printed upholstery
1 x Laurenz stripe- Col.03
1 x Alexa Zanin
1 x Foscari col.01
1 x Laurenz damask- Col 5
1 x Gold striped upholstery- Long island sunset
1 x Cream striped upholstery- Frida reye 177694
1 x Blue (Royal) felt col no.755
1 x Green (Bottle) felt col no.2766
1 x Blue (Light) felt col no.2712
1 x Blue (Turquoise) felt col no.2703
1 x Yellow (Bright) felt col no.770
1 x Red (Ox blood) felt col no.3001
1 x Grey (Dark) felt col no.750
1 x Pink (Light) felt col no.2719
1 x Green (Lime) felt col no.A18
1 x Purple (Dark) felt col no. A34
1 x Brown (Light) felt col no.780
1 x Beige (Dark) felt col no.2782
1 x Pink (Cerise) felt col no. A7
1 x Yellow (Mustard) felt col no.771
1 x Brown (Dark) felt col no.784
1 x Purple (light) felt col no.2791
1 x Beige (Light) felt col no.2706
1 x Animal fur- Col.40
1 x Animal fur- Col.05
1 x Yellow fur
1 x Animal fur- Col.44
1 x Grey fur
1 x Grey fur
1 x Grey fur
1 x Grey fur
1 x Animal fur- Col.23
1 x Animal fur- Col.48
1 x Animal fur- Col.42
1 x Animal fur- Col.27
1 x Green fur
1 x Brown fur
1 x Animal fur- Col.46
1 x Animal fur- Col.19
1 x Pink Furry Friends
1 x Green Pillow Power
1 x Pink Grey Chevron
1 x Blue Grey Rabbits
1 x Blue White Baby Elepants
1 x Blue Red Chevron
1 x Grey Pillow Power
1 x Grey Furry Friends
1 x Pink Grey Rabbits
1 x Pink Grey Isfahan
1 x Grey White Baby Elepants
1 x Blue Red Isfahan
1 x Burgandy organza
1 x Bottle green organza
1 x Red organza
1 x Orange organza
1 x Turqoise organza
1 x Royal organza
1 x Gold organza
1 x Black organza
1 x Lilac organza
1 x Lime organza
1 x Pink organza
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Category Fabrics for all uses

Berlin Stripe- Red


Price per meter: R119.95. Width: 150cm wide

For more information on this product, please email us or contact one of our stores near you

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Category Fabrics for all uses

Rubberised block out lining- White/140cmRubberised block out lining- White/140cm

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